Chinese Major + Minor Requirement

Chinese Major

Prerequisites (Must earn a letter grade of C or higher)
  • Chinese 1A, 1B (5 units, 5 units): Elementary Chinese
  • Chinese 7A or 7B (4): Introduction to Chinese Literature (must be taken at UC Berkeley)
Lower Division (minimum of 3 letter-graded courses and 12 units)
  • Chinese 10A, 10B (5 units, 5 units): Intermediate Chinese*
  • Chinese 7A or 7B (4): Introduction to Chinese Literature (whichever was not taken as a prerequisite)
Upper Division (minimum of 8 letter-graded courses and 32 units; minimum GPA of 2.0)
  • Chinese 100A, 100B (5 units, 5 units): Advanced Chinese*
  • Chinese 110A, 110B (4 units, 4 units): Introduction to Literary Chinese
  • One modern Chinese literature course (C150-C159)
  • One EA Lang upper division course (e.g., EA100, EA102)
  • Two EALC electives selected in consultation with the advisor.


Please note that students with previous language experience will be required to take the online placement exam. Students who place out of language courses or into the heritage track will be required to take additional advisor-approved literature or culture courses offered by the Department in order to meet the above unit requirements.

Chinese Minor

Language Training

  • Chinese 10B or equivalent*
Upper Division (minimum of 5 letter-graded courses and 20 units; minimum gpa of 2.0) All non-EALC courses require advisor approval and must include:
  • Three Chinese courses
  • Two EALC electives selected from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan, and EA Lang courses.
  • One 7A or 7B course may be substituted for one of the five courses.
  • EAP course(s) may be used to satisfy one of the electives; however, not all EAP courses will be approved for the minor. Please check with the advisor in advance.
  • A non-EALC course (History, Anthropology) may be used to satisfy one of the electives. Please check with the advisor in advance.


***To declare the Chinese major or minor, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor Cassandra Dunn at***