Financial Support

Fellowships are merit-based and are judged competitively. Only students who apply to EALC as the primary department of study are eligible to apply for outright fellowship support. We continue the policy, however, of offering GSI positions to students outside the department when the allotment of positions exceeds the number of EALC students who have applied. (See GSI paragraph below.) Fellowship applicants indicate their interest in University Graduate Multi-Year Fellowships, Departmental Block Grant Fellowships, Diversity and Graduate Opportunity Program Fellowships, and the FLAS on the online application. Please review the instructions in the Graduate Application to determine eligibility for these awards.

Graduate students may apply for need-based financial aid, in the form of grants, loans and work-study, administered through the Financial Aid Office (FAO). Only U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens (those holding permanent resident cards) may apply for funds administered by the FAO. Applicants complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

A limited number of Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) appointments are available in the department each year. Students with these positions teach in the first-, second-, and third-year language courses or in the lower division literature in translation courses offered by the department. A faculty committee makes appointments to these positions on a yearly basis. Applications for these positions are available in February of the preceding academic year and must be requested separately from the department graduate program application. Please do not inquire about GSI employment until you have received an offer of admission. Students are not encouraged to accept a teaching position in their first year of graduate study. Many fellowships restrict or prohibit employment during stipend years. If you are awarded a fellowship, please review the terms carefully.

Some Department faculty receive research grants with which they may hire Graduate Student Researchers (GSR), dependent on faculty research needs. A GSR appointment at 25% (approximately 10 hours per week) pays approximately $3000 per semester. Following admission, students interested in GSR positions should write directly to the faculty member(s) who share their fields of interest about the availability of such positions.