Administration Directory

Name Email Office Telephone Title Office Hours
Mark Blum 4106 Dwinelle 664-4085

Japanese Program, Buddhist Studies Professor + Shinjo Ito Distinguished Chair in Japanese Studies + Department Vice Chair

Mark Csikszentmihalyi 3112 Dwinelle n/a

Chinese Program Professor + Eliaser Chair of International Studies + Department Chair

Presi Diaz 3409 Dwinelle 643-8741

Administrative Officer, Enrollments, Scheduling

Cassandra Dunn 7228 Dwinelle n/a

Undergraduate Minor and Major Advising


Linda Eason 3413 Dwinelle n/a

Program Administrator, Financial Services

Jan Johnson 3410 Dwinelle 642-3485

Department Manager

Andrew F. Jones 3329 Dwinelle n/a

Chinese Program
Professor + Louis B. Agassiz Chair in Chinese + Head Graduate Advisor

Kristen McLeod 3411 Dwinelle n/a

DEIB Liaison

Dan O'Neill 3408 Dwinelle n/a

Japanese Program Associate Professor + Head Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Edith Anaya Perla 3413 Dwinelle 642-3480

HR Academic Analyst

Grant Tompkins 3414 Dwinelle 642-4497

Graduate Student Affairs Officer (EALC, GBS, AHMA, AS)

M-W, F 9:30-2:30 (In person); Th (Remote)