Placement Exams

Taking Chinese Language? Please take the online placement test. When you have finished, please submit a completed Chinese Class Survey to the lead instructor listed for the course indicated by the test. The lead instructor's contact information is found here on the class schedule next to the class you were placed into. You may register for the course recommended by the placement test; final placement will be determined after an interview with the lead instructor. You will need to bring an essay to the interview. Please download the instructions for the essay.

Taking Japanese Language? Read how to schedule a placement exam.

Taking Korean Language? If you plan on taking a Korean class in the upcoming semester, you must go to and take the Korean Placement Test.

  • If you are a non-heritage student who does not know Korean at all, you are not required to take this test. The questions include material that you may or may not already know. Please do NOT use dictionaries or any other aids as you take the test and try your best to produce an accurate result. 
  • You will have 40-80 questions. It is advised that you finish the test in one sitting, but if you have to leave you can log out and continue it later. Please take the test only once.
  • To maximize your performance, please do not take the exam on a cell phone or a similarly small-screened device.
  • You will not receive the test results. It will be sent to the Korean instructors to review and be used as part of the placement process. You will have additional tests (speaking, writing) on or before the first day/week of classes.