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T 3:30-4:30;
F 10-11 (314 Krober)


EA C175

Junko Habu

Japanese Program + Anthropology



Junko Habu, Professor of the Department of Anthropology, received her MA in Archaeology from Keio University in Tokyo (1984), and her Ph.D, in Anthropology from McGill University (1996). Her research and teaching interests include long-term changes in the prehistoric Jomon culture of Japan, Edo Period archaeology, archaeology and Japanese identities, and sociopolitics of archaeological studies. She has conducted archaeological excavations in both Japan and North America. Her books include Ancient Jomon of Japan (2004), Hunter-Gatherers of the North Pacific Rim (Senri Ethnological Studies No. 63, co-edited with J. M. Savelle, S. Koyama and H. Hongo), Beyond Foraging and Collecting (2002, co-edited with B. Fitzhugh), and Subsistence-Settlement Systems and Intersite Variability in the Moroiso Phase of the Early Jomon Period of Japan (2001).