Y.R. Chao Undergraduate Essay Prize

Y.R. Chao Undergraduate Essay Prize in East Asian Languages and Cultures

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures is pleased to announce our 3rd annual Y.R. Chao Undergraduate Essay Prize in East Asian Languages and Cultures. The Y.R. Chao Prize will be awarded annually to the best undergraduate essay or research project in the East Asian humanities.  

The prize honors our Department's rich lineage in the teaching and learning of East Asian languages. Y.R. Chao was an eminent linguist, poet, essayist, songwriter, and a pivotal figure in the making of the modern Chinese vernacular. He taught at Berkeley from 1947 to 1960.

Prize-winning essays should reflect Professor Chao's lucidity and elegance of expression, originality of research, and a spirit of intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary inquiry.

The prize competition is open to all undergraduates enrolled in EALC classes. Submissions are due this year on Monday, May 8th, 2023 and will be reviewed by a committee of EALC faculty members. Please submit your work to ealc-advising@berkeley.edu. The prize winner will be awarded $500.00 and acknowledged at our departmental Commencement exercises.



Past Awardees

2021- Wootae Jeon, "Strategies and Messages of Post-apocalyptic Fiction"
2020- Blue Fay, "The Thirteenth Beauty of Jinling: Suppression and Ephemerality in the Dream of the Red Chamber"