3326 Dwinelle


Lihua Zhang

Chinese Language Program Co-Ordinator

Lihua Zhang, a native speaker of both Mandarin and the Shanghainese dialect, obtained her M.A. from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada in 1987 and in 1993 her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley where she focused on German, English, and Chinese contrastive linguistics. In 1999 she received a Berkeley TESL certificate. She taught German in China and the US for 13 years before teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 1997. Since joining the Berkeley Chinese program in 2000 she has taught Chinese both as a foreign language and as a heritage language from the elementary to advanced levels. She developed the curriculum of Mandarin Chinese for dialect-speaking learners. She promotes integrating multimedia and multimodality in language teaching and fosters intercultural exchange. Her publications in the Chinese language education field include “College Chinese Heritage language learners’ implicit knowledge of compound sentences”, “Teaching Chinese cultural perspectives through film”, “What are the CHL learners inheriting? Habitus of the CHL learners” (co-authored), “Stepping carefully into computer-assisted learning”, “Metaphorical thinking in Chinese shàng and xià”, “The charm and seduction of brand names”, and “The growth of symbols out of icons: Evidence from Chinese characters”. She is the author of the book A Contrastive Study of Aspectuality in German, English, and Chinese and co-edited the book Interdigitations. Her current interests are applied linguistics and foreign/heritage language and culture pedagogy.