284 Dwinelle

Ezra Toback

Japanese Program

Ezra received his B.A. in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language and Literature from Dartmouth College. His research focuses on theories and expressions of landscape in Edo-period and Meiji-period literature and visual culture. He is the author of "Liminality: Mikoshî" (in Japanese Media and Popular Culture: An Open-Access Digital Initiative of the University of Tokyo, 2020), "Kôda Rohan's Fûryûbutsu: Semiotic Polyvalency and 'Salvific' Prose" (Journal of Japanese Studies, 2019), “Processional Prints of the Kanda Festival: Popular Visual Culture and Neighborhood Identity” (Japan Forum, 2018), and “Cross-Modal Iconism at Tully’s Coffee Japan: Authenticity and Egalitarian Sociability as Projections of Distinction” (Semiotic Review, 2017).