Shelby Oxenford

Japanese Program

Shelby Oxenford is a Ph.D. candidate, focusing on postwar and contemporary Japanese literature. She received her BA in Japanese and Political Science from UC Berkeley in 2009 after completing an honors thesis on the selected works of Ōe Kenzaburō, and received her MA from Berkeley in 2013. Her master's thesis, "Responding to 3.11: The Translation of Trauma in Selected Literature of the Tôhoku Earthquake" examined how narratives are interrupted, generated, and reworked in the aftermath of disaster. She is expanding on this line of inquiry through an examination of literature, film, new media, and music in her dissertation, “Making Meaning of Trauma: Responses to the Tōhoku Earthquake.” She is otherwise interested in the tension between the questions of what does it mean to have justice and what does it mean to have healing in the aftermath of traumatic experience, and is interested in comparisons of how these questions of history and trauma have been accounted for, or not, in contemporary Japan and Korea.