3323 Dwinelle

Erez Joskovich

Japanese Program + Buddhist Studies
Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellow + Lecturer


Erez Joskovich is a Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellow in Buddhist Studies (2016-). He specializes in the intellectual and religious history of Chan/Zen Buddhism, with a particular focus on the development of Japanese Zen since the 18th century to the present. His doctoral dissertation is a detailed study of the the development of lay Zen in modern Japan. While working on his dissertation he was awarded fellowships from the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT). The fellowships enabled him to work as a visiting scholar at the University of Tokyo (2008-2012). He received his Ph.D. (June 2014) from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Tel-Aviv University (in collaboration with the University of Tokyo). Other research interests include Buddhist ethnography, ritual, and performance studies. In Berkeley, Erez is teaching introductory courses to Japanese Buddhism (Spring 2017), and Religion in Japan (Fall 2017).