Korean Language and Literature Courses

This course is designed for students who have little or no prior knowledge of the Korean language. Students will learn the Korean alphabet and basic grammar. Prerequisites: None.

With special emphasis on reading and writing, students will expand common colloquialisms and appropriate speech acts. Prerequisites: Korean 1AX; or consent of instructor.

With equal attention given to speaking, listening, reading, writing, and cultural aspects of the language, students will learn vocabulary, expressions, and varieties of speech styles beyond the basic level. Prerequisites: Korean 10A; or consent of instructor.

This intermediate course will emphasize reading and writing so that students can reach a comparable proficiency with their already high speaking and listening skills. Prerequisites: Korean 10AX; or consent of instructor.

Students will learn more advanced expressions and use them in reading and writing. Small group discussions will enhance speaking and listening skills. Prerequisites: Korean 100A; or consent of instructor.

Students will be introduced to advanced-level Korean by reading authentic texts and writing short compositions, summaries, essays, and critical reviews. Students will be encouraged to speak using advanced vocabulary and expressions. Prerequisites: Korean 100AX; or consent of instructor.

This is an advanced course of reading and textual analysis in various areas including politics, economics, society, and history. Both fluency and accuracy will also be emphasized in speaking and writing with the goal of preparing students to conduct independent research in Korean. Prerequisites: Korean 100B or Korean 100BX; or consent of instructor.

This course aims to prepare students for research or employment in a Korea-related field. Authentic materials will be used to discuss various issues in Korea. Students will write a research paper on the topic of their interests. Prerequisites: Korean 101 and Korean 102; or consent of instructor.

This course examines representations of history and memory in contemporary Korean cinema. Korean films have displayed a thematic preoccupation with the nation's tumultuous past by presenting diverse stories of past events and experiences. The course pays close attention to the ways in which popular narrative films render history and memory meaningful and pertinent to contemporary film viewers. All readings are in English. Prerequistes: None